Iron Ingot: Minecraft item id

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Name :Iron Ingot
Data value : 265
Type: Minecraft Item Id
More details :

Iron Ingot: Minecraft item id

Obtained: Smelting regarding iron ore, craft creating of Obstructs of Iron, discovered in Dungeon as well as Stronghold Boxes, eliminating iron golems (normally created) and also killing Zombies.

Produces: sword, tools, armor,Blocks of Iron, rails, compass, flint and steel, minecart, doors, cauldrons, and Iron Rods.

Iron ingots are utilized to create a wide selection of helpful items including minecarts, compasses, minecart tracks, armor, containers, and tools able of exploration everything yet obsidian as well as bedrock. This will make it the most valuable items in-game.It makes the middle-tier armor, 1 tier beneath diamond.


  •     Although Minecraft will differentiate amongst ores as well as metals, it doesn’t use a “steel” product separate through iron; Flint and also Steel is actually created completely from an iron ingot.
  •     Within the actual code Iron is known as Steel.
  •     Because of 12w06a Zombies will certainly seldom fall iron, creating it a alternative source.
  •     Because of 12w08a Iron Golems will certainly fall 3-4 iron ingots creating them alternative and simple to acquire.

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