Diamond: Minecraft item id

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Name : Diamond
Data value : 264
Type: Minecraft Item Id
More details :

Diamond: Minecraft item id

A Diamond (in the past known as Emerald) is actually an item fallen while Diamond Ore is found, moreover discovered within a chest in a Town as well as in chest discovered in forgotten mines. Diamonds are thought probably the most useful components of the minecraft game because of to their scarcity and effectiveness as a creating material. Equipment and armor produced from it are usually the many durable amongst players. Diamonds may be used to create Shovels, Pickaxes, Hoes, Axes, Swords, Armor, Enchantment Tables ,Jukeboxes and strong diamond obstructs. A Diamond pickaxe may be the just pickaxe to use to mine Obsidian. Diamond jewels are stackable. They’re the sole item that resources, swords, and armour can be created through which is not alternative.

Diamond Ore may be mainly discovered at levels under 18, as well as is discovered in small leg veins of 1-9 with each other. It can’t be found making use of stone, wooden. It may just be found making use of an iron or even diamond pickaxe.

Within the Java code, Diamond is entitled Emerald. The explanation for this really is that the diamond’s unique title during indev was initially Emerald. With time it’s transformed as the actual community ongoing to call Emerald items basically “gems”, and even later on, “diamonds”.

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